Conference « Motorways of the Sea in the Western Mediterranean - Climate Action Programme 2020 The Way Forward »

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Date: 4th April 2019

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Subject: Conference « Motorways of the Sea in the Western Mediterranean - Climate Action Programme 2020 The Way Forward ».


Description: The “Motorways of the Sea” concept aims to introduce new intermodal maritime-based logistics chains in Europe, which should improve our transport organization within the years to come. These chains will be more sustainable, and should be commercially more efficient than road-only transport. Motorways of the Sea will thus improve access to markets throughout Western Mediterranean, and bring relief to our over-stretched European road system. For this purpose, fuller use will have to be made not only of our maritime transport resources, but also of our potential in rail and inland waterways, as part of an integrated transport chain.


Objectives: Questions over the ability of ports and ships to respond efficiently and cost-effectively to the latest and potential future demands for “greener” shipping based on reduced noxious emissions; and the integrations of the transport networks surrounding the West Mediterranean and the development and extension of the existing and future corridors are key elements to Conference speakers.


  • Strategies for the period to 2030 under the aegis of Motorways of the Sea in the West Mediterranean.
  • Ports and Ships operations in terms of environment protection: state of the art, elements.
  • Ports and Ships operations in terms of energy efficiency: state of the art, elements..



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Agenda Date: 
Thursday, April 4, 2019 - 09:00