Berlin hosted the 1st Mediterranean Summit focused on strengthening Euro-Mediterranean relationships

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The Euro-Mediterranean-Arab Association (EMA e.V) organised in Berlin the 1st Mediterranean Summit with the support of ASCAME, AWE and Commerzbank. ASCAME was pleased to help its member, the Euro-Mediterranean-Arab Association, with the launch of a very interesting and crucial event that brought together all sorts of key actors from the Euro-Mediterranean region.

More than 100 high-ranking representatives and stakeholders hailing from diplomacy, private-sector business   , politics and civil society, discussed and provided prospects for enhanced regional cooperation and new opportunities.

The Summit produced a lively panel discussion on the realities and challenges of the economic situation in the Mediterranean region, where ASCAME was represented by its Vice-President on behalf of Italy, Mr. Emanuele Garzia, who pointed out that the EMA is the only German member of the Association of Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry ASCAME.

Mr. Garzia said that “cooperation between the countries of the Mediterranean basin is fundamental.” Concerning the Euro-Mediterranean relationships, he claimed that “there is still a lot to be done to ensure a healthy competition between European countries because the gap between them is still important. For this reason, it is essential to create consortiums in order to face the world’s leading powers”. He also stressed the plans of the Working Commission he chairs, Training and Education, aimed at upgrading the training and education at the Mediterranean scale, especially by promoting the exchange of knowledge and experience.

The former Secretary General of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), H.E. Fathallah Sijilmassi, emphasised the importance of finding new ways of cooperation for all actors in the Mediterranean and Middle East region. “The EU should shift its focus more towards the south, for instance, regarding the issues of trade and investment or women and youth. Especially young female entrepreneurs and women in leadership positions are an asset in the Mediterranean region”, he added.

H.E. Dr. Jawad Al Anani, former Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Jordan, called for more openness. He said: “One should not be afraid of cooperation. The peoples of the Mediterranean region have interacted with each other and foreigners for thousands of years”. 

EMA, member of ASCAME for some years now, is a regional association for German businesspeople and entrepreneurs engaged in fostering cooperation and international understanding between Germany, Europe, and the Mediterranean and Middle East region. It connects economic, political, and academic decision makers and multipliers from a variety of countries and sectors. This makes the EMA an excellent platform for mutual exchange that has proven to be an independent and reliable interlocutor for the region.

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