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What is ASCAME?

ASCAME is the most important representative of the Mediterranean private sector.

The Association of the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASCAME) was founded in 1982 with the pioneering initiative to encourage economic cooperation in the Mediterranean and regional Integration. ASCAME is today the only organization in the world that brings together North-South private sector entities, belonging to three continents (Europe, Africa and Asia), representing tens of thousands companies.  

Given the strong potential for growth and entrepreneurial spirit, as well as a high capacity in terms of raw materials, human an natural resources of the Mediterranean region, ASCAME works in the field of economic cooperation and promotes exchanges and economic synergies among the Mediterranean countries.

Benefits of joining

 1- Be a part of our Network:

  • ASCAME is a large and renowned network. Indeed ASCAME counts more than 300 members from over 23 Mediterranean countries.
  • It is the largest private sector representative network in the Mediterranean region.
  • Participating in ASCAME events and projects provides business opportunities, insights into economic trends and strategic vision of sectors of the Mediterranean area.

ASCAME works for the economic development of Mediterranean, promoting economic cooperation and exchanges between the two shores of the region.

2- Support and boost your activities:

  • ASCAME provides support and advice to its members.
  • ASCAME encourages contacts between them and promotes their respective initiatives, such as exchange and training programs for staff in Chambers of Commerce, forums, conventions and fairs.
  • ASCAME has set up 17 work commissions focused on key Mediterranean economic sectors, which spread relevant information to the network and promote initiatives such as conferences and events.
  • ASCAME encourages the participation of its members in international projects and supports their participation.

3- Keep you informed through:

  • Bi-monthly ASCAME MedaNews providing readers with the latest information about our activities, projects and Mediterranean business opportunities.
  • ASCAME social media channels. ASCAME is very active on social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Flickr, providing daily updates about the Association activities, projects’ results and business-related topics.

Which are the types of membership?

Review the membership levels below and select the option that best suits your business.

  • Full member: Chambers of Commerce from Mediterranean countries.
  • Associated member: private or public organization/enterprise/association dealing with the Mediterranean area.

How join ASCAME?

You only need to fill in this application form and sends it to the ASCAME Secretariat.

Further information

For further information about the registration procedure, fees or any other general subject, please contact the Secretariat: