Barcelona reaffirms itself once again as the capital of Mediterranean logistics

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Barcelona, 18 May 2017 – Organized by the Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the Mediterranean (ASCAME) and the Consortium of the Zona Franca of Barcelona, with the support of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, the Mediterranean Forum of Logistics and Transport and the Mediterranean Summit of Ports will celebrate the next days 6 and 7 of June, as part of the SIL 2017, their 15th and 10th anniversaries respectively.

“Another Time is Coming” is the slogan chosen for this new edition to highlight the unique position which the Mediterranean countries enjoy, as international distribution centres at a time when major changes are taking place. Logistics is today the strategic economic dynamism of the Mediterranean; this region count on strong business relationships with international markets, and this, in various sectors from sea transport to aviation.

The 15th edition of the Mediterranean Forum of Logistics and Transport will approach the unique position of the Mediterranean on the international logistics market and its privileged relations with the markets of Eastern Europe, North Africa and Gulf States. The forum will dedicate a special session to the important place that women occupy in the regional and global logistics sector, as well as the take-off of start-ups in this market, companies with one of the highest financing rates in the region in that sector.

Meanwhile, during the 10th Mediterranean Summit of Ports, the consequences of the recently adopted Paris Agreement on climate change for the port and maritime transport will be analyzed very closely.

For this 15th edition, an important turnaround is expected from international and regional senior executives, logistics and transport companies from the Mediterranean, Europe and the Gulf States. During its 14 previous editions, over 9,000 companies have attended this international meeting.

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