Barcelona becomes the real estate sector capital with the "Mediterranean Real Estate Forum"

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  • The "Mediterranean Real Estate Forum" will present investment and business development opportunities in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
  • Population in the Mediterranean countries has doubled in the last 30 years, while its urban population will go from 50% to 60% by 2050.
  • Facing demographic pressure, the region needs to create 50 million new Jobs by 2022.
  • Investments in the sector within the region are expected to rise to 100 billion euros, with an annual increase of 8%.


Barcelona, ​​October 15th, 2019 Barcelona will host on October 17th the first "Mediterranean Real Estate Forum", which will stand as the meeting point for organisations and professionals from one of the key sectors for the Mediterranean region economy: the real estate. A forum that will highlight investment and development opportunities in the Mediterranean, the Middle East and Africa and will serve as a platform for business exchange and cooperation.

The first edition of the Mediterranean Real Estate Forum emerges, within the framework of the BMP2019, because of the importance of the real estate and urban industry as a fundamental basis for the economic development of the Mediterranean region. A one-day international conference that will address strategic issues such as investment opportunities, urban planning projects and infrastructure development opportunities in different countries.

High-level authorities, organisations and professionals, both from the public and private sectors, will meet in the city of Barcelona, ​​one of the leading trade and investment centres in the Mediterranean, to show the general situation of the sector worldwide and regionally. The investment opportunities arising from the policies of economic diversification and liberalisation, social housing programmes, the need to introduce sustainability in housing construction or the promotion of green building, are just some of the current issues of the real estate sector that will be addressed.

Organised by the Consorci de la Zona de Barcelona (Barcelona Free Trade Zone Consortium), with the collaboration of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, ASCAME (Association of Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry), FIABCI (International Real Estate Federation) and IHRA (International Hotels & Restaurants Association), the "Mediterranean Real Estate Forum" will analyse the global situation of the sector in Mediterranean countries, the financing instruments offered by both local governments and international organisations and the role of the private sector in the management of civil works and public infrastructure.

"In addition to determining the opportunities and challenges of the real estate sector, the Mediterranean Real Estate Forum will address the impact of the sector on the creation of SMEs and jobs in the region; promote cooperation between companies in Europe, the Middle East and Africa; support the exchange of technology and know-how, and increase joint-venture agreements between the participating companies", states Anwar Zibaoui, General Coordinator of ASCAME.

Real estate is one of the most relevant sectors in the Mediterranean due to its role in the economy and its social impact, taking into account that the total population of Mediterranean countries, especially of those in the southern shore and the African continent, has doubled in recent years. A strong population growth that is accompanied by a great challenge: an accelerated urbanisation.

Growing demand for newly built homes, the development of infrastructure, the rise of the hospitality sector and the increase in tourism, among other factors, make the real estate sector one of the main economic engines of the Mediterranean. The sector's investments for the Mediterranean region are expected to amount to 100.000 million euros, showing an annual growth of 8%.

"The Mediterranean Real Estate Forum is a great occasion to showcase the great real estate opportunities that lie in Morocco, and in the Maghreb region in general. We're very happy to share our vision and some great examples of real estate investment in Morocco and, above all, how to approach it to make a success out of the investment", says Kevin Gormand, speaker of the Forum and Co-Founder of Mubawab, the leading real estate platform in Morocco.

Mohammad Asfour, Director of WorldGBC's MENA Network, notes that "Urban areas in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Gaza have suffered large-scale damage due to multiple, recent and on-going conflicts. Thus, we have partnered with Chatham House and UN Habitat to produce guidelines for sustainable reconstruction and city generation. This will not only help us fight climate change but will also represent an economic opportunity for the real estate sector as well".

The economic crisis made a dent in all sectors of local economies and caused an increase in trade protectionism and a weakening in investment. An investment that must be attracted by Mediterranean countries to create businesses and employment and maintain political and social stability. The Mediterranean offers a vast investment market, both for regional and international companies.


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