ASCAME's projects highlights: moving ahead despite the crisis (May)

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Despite COVID19, ASCAME as an organization has been working very actively becoming the main reference of the Mediterranean region in the reaction of the private sector against the health crisis. Regarding all projects led by ASCAME’s members, our members continued to work vigorously across the Mediterranean.

From the General Secretariat, the Projects and International Cooperation Area has been also proactively working in cross-cutting projects to support the economic sectors enduring this crisis. It is time to act and be stronger together. Please continue reading to learn more about the projects ASCAME is part of:


Strategic projects

ASCAME’s work was recently awarded in the final results of the ENI CBC Strategic Call, where many of its members are present in the winning consortiums. Moreover, ASCAME’s General Secretariat, is taking part in two strategic projects (“iHeritage” and “INTECMED”) with an estimated budget of 6.8€ Million.

Standard projects

MEDUSA Project

Domestic tourism will be the first one to recover from this crisis and it will be followed by regional tourism, according to the UNWTO and many other global key actors. At ASCAME, we have always advocated for the potential of MED tourism, and a sign of that is our active participation in MEDUSA, a € 3.4 million project funded by the European Union which aims to develop and promote Mediterranean Sustainable Adventure Tourism across the region. For more information:


ASCAME believes that economic development, sustainability and food security should go hand-in-hand. The MED region is a farm that provides us with first-rate crops and vegetables. Today is the best time to boost cross-border cooperation where stakeholders of both shores can create a better, stronger and more integrated ecosystem Organic Agriculture. ASCAME is striving to achieve this horizon through its partnership in the European Neighbourhood Instrument (ENI) project called ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM. For more information:


ASCAME is also a partner in the MAIA TAQA project, which aims to increase the quality of life by mobilizing new areas of investment on innovation of resource efficiency services among MED stakeholders. In a post pandemic outbreak context, this is a vital sector for the economic growth recovery of the region, especially in an era in which innovation is fundamental for development. Therefore, the preparatory work for the project's implementation continued during this health crisis period carrying out several key online meetings to set up next steps for the months ahead. For more information:  

  1. Interreg MED


The Mediterranean Sea is a key driver and a very important asset for the region’s economy and development. ASCAME as a representative of the private sector, considers that Blue Growth  is the way to reach this sustainable future to the region and consequently since 2016 the organization has been partnering with the Blue Growth project. The second phase of the project started in October 2019, celebrating its 1st Annual Assembly in February 2020, in Montpellier (France). From this moment and during the current lockdown period, the Blue Growth Community project  has been very active advancing in the project implementation through several online conference meetings. For more information:



Since 2018 ASCAME has been working alongside other stakeholders, on the improvement of the management capacity performance and competitiveness of Mediterranean Business Support Organizations in the framework of the EBSOMED project. More than ever the private sector will need strategies to confront and deal with the challenges ahead and a new scenario that is being set. For this reason, EBSOMED project has been seeking to keep operating and active in its network, by carrying out online meetings and workshops. For more information:    

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