ASCAME Working Commissions Meetings - MedaWeek Barcelona 2018

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Barcelona, 10th December 2018. Nine Working Commissions of ASCAME have held meetings during MedaWeek Barcelona 2018 to discuss their Plans of Action for the following months.  

The Working Commissions discussed their current situation, objectives, ideas and proposals for their Plans of Action, in the framework of the new ASCAME Strategic Plan 2018-2022. The Presidents of the Working Commissions had the opportunity to present the conclusions of the meetings to the Executive Committee of ASCAME where many initiatives were approved and are followed up by the General Secretariat of ASCAME.  

Among many interesting ideas and proposals, the need of cooperation between the Working Commissions was highlighted, taking into account that the Working Commissions have similar objectives and challenges, and that the members of ASCAME can be part of more than a single Commission. In this regard, some Commissions held joint meetings in order to join forces and participation.

In the following months, we expect that many initiatives will be put in practice by the Commissions with the support of the General Secretariat. Also, the Commissions are open to new members of ASCAME and external experts interested.

The following Working Commissions held meetings during MedaWeek Barcelona 2018:

  • Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, and Events (MICE)
  • Business Cooperation and Investment
  • Business Ethics and Integrity Values
  • Transports and Logistics
  • Renewable Energies
  • Tourism
  • Training and Education
  • Trade, Retail and Franchise,
  • Women Entrepreneurs

The Member and Network Help Desk of ASCAME is always open to ideas and propositions of all members of ASCAME and its Commissions. The Help Desk can orient and advice the members of ASCAME about the Projects, Events, Communication and Networking of the Association.

The President of ASCAME, Mr. Ahmed M. El Wakil thanked the Commissions for their work and encouraged them to put in practice their Plan of action.

More pictures of the Working Commissions meetings here


        Executive Committee of ASCAME


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