ASCAME supports the candidacy of Morocco for the 2026 World Cup

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Barcelona, April 12, 2018 - Morocco is one of the candidates that aspire to host the World Cup of 2026. The other candidates are the US, Canada and Mexico, a trio of countries that for the first time would host the World Cup sharing the competition between three. The great tug that football had on the African continent in 2010, when South Africa hosted the World Cup, makes us think that Morocco will play its best tricks to win that candidacy next June: its unique geostrategic position -which allows it to be a bridge between Europe and Africa- and the advancement of its infrastructure in the Mediterranean country. These are, without any doubt, the best endorsement of this candidacy.

This Mediterranean country has showed us in recent years that its economy is beginning to benefit from modernization and changes in its development model: there are solid advances in its opening to new markets, the diversification of its business partners is evident and investments in major infrastructure projects - such as the TangerMed port - appear to be already a recognized success worldwide. Hosting the World Cup would undoubtedly be another push to benefit local businesses, increase the country's international attractiveness and accelerate profitable long-term investments.

On the occasion of this event, Morocco has scheduled a multi-sector investment plan with a total budget of 15,500 million dollars that will guarantee sufficient infrastructure to host the event, for which the private sector is expected to contribute 3,800 million dollars, and that more than half of the investment is destined to the improvement of transport infrastructures.

The candidate country foresees that the celebration of the World Cup will increase its GDP and create 100,000 provisional jobs, and also boost a sports infrastructure of 14 football fields and 130 training stadiums, in addition to 21 hospitals endorsed by international criteria.

Finally, we must not forget that Morocco has a hotel capacity to accommodate the followers of the 48 teams that will play the 2026 World Cup, which can significantly strengthen the hotel and tourism sector in the country.

This World Cup in Morocco could undoubtedly contribute to the development of the country, Africa and the region as a whole not only from the economic point of view, but also social, promoting a social mobilization, facilitating mutual respect and a better understanding. Unlike what it may seem, sports competition can unify, since we can all be part of it without taking into account political ideologies, race or religion. Sport can undoubtedly be an instrument to address the violence and insecurity that the region suffers, and offer better opportunities for young people. Therefore, from the Association of the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASCAME) we launch this support to the candidate country and we wait for its selection next June.


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