ASCAME PROJECTS HIGHLIGHTS: moving ahead despite health crisis (July)

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ASCAME PROJECTS HIGHLIGHTS: moving ahead despite health crisis (July)

EU funded projects

Despite all fears of possible COVID-19 outbursts in Autumn, ASCAME as an organization has been looking ahead and thinking in the last months, in the post COVID-19 economic recovery possible scenarios. 

With this aim, from the General Secretariat, the Projects and International Cooperation Area has been proactively working in cross-cutting projects to support the economic sector enduring this crisis keeping always in mind that now “it is time to act and be stronger together”. For this reason, we put at the service of ASCAME’s members network the potentiality of all these projects that aim to tackle key elements regarding sustainability, blue economy, agrifood, tourism and business alliances as an opportunity to reinforce our action towards the economic recovery of the Mediterranean region.

Please, continue reading to get more information about the positive advancements implemented by some of the projects ASCAME is part of:



Standard projects

MEDUSA Project

The project had its Second Steering Committee on June 4th. In this meeting, the partners had an overview about the approach and strategy to work stakeholders engagement through 4 different phases such as analysis, adaptation, creation of tourism products and marketing. Also, the settlement for the tourism assessment process was tackled, which includes the selecting the areas of implementation, outbound market research, benchmarking and conceptualising the products. In addition, the tourism capacity building process was also discussed, which foresees to carry out the training for trainers Sustainable destination management training. Finally, the strategies for commercialisation and exploitation, as well as communication and capitalisation of the project were also addressed.

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Despite the pandemic situation of COVID-19, the project is moving forward in its activities and has finished its first semester. Also, the project carried out its Kick-Off online meeting on June 3rd, 2020. The online event was held by Zoom and had 85 attendants, which manifested how important is the agriculture for the region and also emphasized how easy it is to spread the word and connect with stakeholders in digital spaces. Furthermore, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was agreed and signed by Organic Ecosystem beneficiaries, which aims at giving an overview of general objectives, principles and conditions to develop capacity building activities, knowledge sharing and cooperation for organic MSMEs.

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During the last months, the preparatory work for MAIA-TAQA project’s implementation continued to advance in spite of the difficult context created by the COVID-19.

Main activities of the project were mostly focused in the progress of the technical proposals coming from the three pilot countries (Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon) regarding the two proposed Resources Efficiency Services (RES) to be implemented in each one of those countries as well as in the methodology for the market assessment of those RES. With this aim, during the months of May and June, partners celebrated several key online meetings to check the advancements of the technical proposals in every one of the three pilot countries and review internally all aspects for the implementation of the market assessment. Recently, it was decided to start with the first steps of the field implementation of the market assessment of the selected RES during this month of July 2020.

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  1. Interreg MED


Although there were no face-to-face events due to the COVID-19 crisis, the Blue Growth Community’s project advanced positively in its implementation. During the last months, partners celebrated many internal online meetings in order to prepare the transferring process of results from MED Blue Growth projects as well as some coordination meetings with the communication managers and lead partners of those MED Blue Growth projects. This period of time was also the opportunity to progress positively with the testing and working of the “Marina Platform”, as a knowledge sharing and co-working space for the Blue Growth Community, and also to discuss and launch the upcoming activities for the project. Please be advised that the BGC is organising a second (online) meeting of our Advisory Board on 27th July 2020. This meeting will be the occasion to present the main tools developed by our MED Blue Growth projects and start planning our next activities. More information (agenda, connection details, etc.) will follow.

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Given the impossibility for celebrating face-to-face meetings, the EBSOMED project has faced in the last months the necessity to rethink its project implementation and move forward thanks to new technologies. Thus, the EBSOMED project recently launched and tested some very powerful online tools (Ex. the Business Helpdesk; the Business Matching tool, allowing the possibility of virtual B2B meetings; and a Free Mobile App) that have been developed by the project, opening many possibilities for business promotion and trade in the Mediterranean region. Besides, they could be a great opportunity for strengthening the management capacities of BSOs, such as ASCAME’s Chambers of Commerce, bridging their knowledge into digitalization and reducing the digital gap. Those new online tools are offered for free to all partners of the project and therefore, available for free to all ASCAME’s members network. 


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