ASCAME launches the Mediterranean Meetings (#MedaMeetings)

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ASCAME launches a new series of online events in order to face the socioeconomic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and bet on the recovery of the Mediterranean region, under the name ‘Mediterranean Meetings (#MedaMeetings) - Exploring Mediterranean countries' economies and market opportunities’.

These new events consist of a series of conferences and business meetings within the framework of ASCAME’s Recovery Plan and New Economic Development for the Mediterranean, which will be held between February and the end of 2021 on the so called ‘Mediterranean Digital Live Platform’.

The Mediterranean Meetings have been created ad hoc to contribute to the recovery of the key sectors of the Mediterranean economies, in which opportunities, trade, investment possibilities and challenges of the Mediterranean countries markets and ecosystems will be discussed.

One of the COVID-19 most affected regions has undoubtedly been the Mediterranean basin. The pandemic has set a before and after in international and national economies, practically stopping all economic sectors and leaving thousands of deaths in its wake.

After that, the MedaMeetings will provide an open platform to discuss trending topics in Mediterranean countries, such as economy, trade, investment and main industries in the region. Stakeholders will have the perfect opportunity to network, as well as talk about challenges, trends, forecasts and possible future collaborations for businesses in several industries.

Endless networking opportunities for participants from all over the world will be found on this unparalleled platform, which will also give all businesses visibility with extended media coverage and many other benefits. In fact, in order to build a shared and sustainable future for the countries in the region, increasingly clear actions and commitments from businesses in partnership with the public sector will be required.

Three types of events will be comprised within the MedaMeetings: Events on business and investment opportunities in different regions of the Mediterranean; investment and trade opportunities between the Mediterranean region and other key countries, and sectoral and multi-sectoral B2B meetings.

The organisation of several B2B meetings intends to bolster regional economic cooperation in specific sectors identified as key drivers for the economic development of the Mediterranean region, and facilitate the trade flow and specific partnership opportunities between the two regions. A global response from the Mediterranean region will ensure the best conditions for business development.

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