ASCAME congratulates the 2018 Mediterranean Games of Tarragona as a solid incentive for regional peace and prosperity

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ASCAME, in the framework of the mutual collaboration agreed on November 2017 with the Tarragona Organizing Committee, fully supports the 2018 Mediterranean Games of Tarragona, representing a nexus of union, solidarity and harmony for the Mediterranean region.

Barcelona, ​​July 4, 2018 - Tarragona hosted the XVIII Mediterranean Games, from June 22nd to July 1st 2018, putting an end to the competition the latest 1st of July with a memorable closing ceremony.

This event has not only given a social transformation and international projection of this Mediterranean city, but will also remain in the Mediterranean region through an economic, social and cultural legacy.

For this reason, the Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the Mediterranean (ASCAME), represented by Anwar Zibaoui, General Coordinator of ASCAME, and Javier Villamayor, Deputy Mayor and Commissioner of the Committee for the Organization of the 2018 Mediterranean Games of Tarragona, agreed on November 2017, a mutual collaboration to promote this XVIII edition of the Games. In this framework, ASCAME actively supported the Mediterranean Games by a communication campaign through the extensive ASCAME’s network from across the Mediterranean and also participated as main representative of the Mediterranean private sector in the opening ceremony of this year’s edition Games.

ASCAME highlights the tremendous success of this 18th edition, ending with record numbers. Indeed, 3.648 athletes, the highest number since the first Mediterranean Games hold in Alexandria in 1951, have taken part in the 10 intense days of competition. The Tarragona Games also counted with the highest number of women-athletes, 1.468, competing in all 33 different disciplines, and representing all 26 Mediterranean countries. More than 800 national and international journalists covered the event, contributing to put the Mediterranean region in the spotlight worldwide.

For this edition Italy has been the leader not only in participants, with 431 athletes – followed by Spain and Turkey – but also the country bringing home the most medals, with 55 Gold medals and 156 total medals. They are followed in the total ranking, across all sports, by Spain, Turkey, France and Egypt.

For this success, ASCAME congratulates the organizing committee for this Games edition that lived up to the expectations. ASCAME also thanks the more than 2.500 volunteers and people involved in the organization and logistic of the event.

On the local level, the labor market has benefited from more than 3,000 indirect jobs creation, with also more than 70 professionals working for the organizational structure of the Games. This has been a unique opportunity for the private sector to project themselves to the regional and international scale, and to seek out business opportunities.

This XVIII edition of the Mediterranean Games represented not only a generator of wealth and prosperity, but also an effective instrument to promote peace and solidarity. These Mediterranean values have been shared by the city of Tarragona, and  reaffirmed during these Games.

Finally, the Tarragona Organizing Committee took advantage of the closing ceremony to hand over the next XIX Mediterranean Games to Oran, Algeria, which will hold this next edition. During the ceremony, after a symbolic lowering of the flag of the International Committee of the Mediterranean Games in Tarragona, the flag has been handed to the Algerian representatives which are already working on the next edition organization. ASCAME fully supports Oran in this task, which, certainly, will produce fruitful cooperation in the Mediterranean.




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