ASCAME advocates the generation of new job opportunities at the MADE in Med event

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Barcelona, April 23, 2018 –  ASCAME took part in the MADE in MED – Crafting the future Mediterranean” event organised by the Interreg MED Programme in Rome, Italy, on 18-19 April 2018. ASCAME – as partner of the Horizontal InnoBlueGrowth project and responsible of the communication of its outcomes – actively contributed to the event by giving visibility to the recently created Blue Growth Mediterranean Community, while highlighting the strong potential of the Blue Economy for the regional private sector.

The main achievement of this regional event was to join all the MED Programme thematic communities, including the Blue Growth Community, which were represented by a wide range of experts local, national and representatives of European institutions, as well as decision makers. A total of 13 partner countries in the Mediterranean area attended the event to discuss and/or decide how to work together for addressing challenges across national borders.

Some of the main topics addressed at the 2-day conference were energy efficiency, protection of natural and cultural resources and innovation. ASCAME –fully committed with the emerging sector blue energy as a critical source of innovation and jobs’ creation for the Mediterranean countries - actively participated in the conferences and all the activities organized, which were inspired by the values of co-working, sharing knowledge and innovation, but also to focused on the future of cooperation in the Mediterranean. 

Indeed, one of the main dilemma addressed during the event was the exploitation of blue economy sectors for the jobs’ creation in the region. As Georges Kremlis- Honorary Director of the European Commission & Chair of the Espoo Convention Bureau- stated: “Next to the traditional blue economy sectors: shipbuilding and ship repair, transport, fisheries and offshore oil and gas, the five blue growth sectors: biotechnology, RES, mineral resources, aquaculture and coastal and maritime tourism have added value and generate jobs”. This is a crucial potential to be exploited given that “Our main challenge today is youth unemployment -40% south Mediterranean countries “, as appointed by Prof A.El Zoheiry of the EMUNI University. Other complementarity topics such as the required creation of a blue cluster in the Mediterranean were addressed in the conference by speakers such as the Prof. Ioannis Chatjigeorgiou of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA).

Meanwhile, ASCAME took part of the stand dedicated to the Blue growth projects, in coordination with the other InnoBlueGrowth partners. The activity showcased some important aspects of the Blue Growth sector in the Mediterranean such as blue energy, the yacht industry or maritime surveillance. In order to illustrate the blue energy aspect, the exhibition exposed two methods of producing wave energy that take into account environmental sustainability, technological innovation, acceptability by citizens, and possible conflicts with marine ecosystems. The development of this emerging sector can become an important part of the blue economy, fuelling economic growth in coastal regions and create new, high-quality jobs.

The exhibition gave an example of best practices in the field of yacht industry, innovation patterns, as well as in the area of policies. These best practices can be used by the Mediterranean recreational boating sector stakeholders to move towards the circular economy principles and to better raise awareness of the maritime tourists about the rules for the protection of the Mediterranean.

ASCAME will be enrolled in the next BlueGrowth community event, which will take place in Athens on 20th, 21st June.


InnoBlueGrowth is a three-year project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, within the Interreg Med Programme.

The partnership is composed by CoNISMa – National Inter-University Consortium for Marine Sciences (Lead Partner), ASCAME, CPMR – Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions of Europe, Plan Bleu for the environment and development in the Mediterranean, NTUA – National Technical University of Athens, UOM – University of Montenegro – Institute for marine biology.



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