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Date: (11, 12 June) The event has been postponed due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The new date will be announced soon.

Place: Rijeka, Croatia 

Subject: Blue economy and sustainable development


Description: AdRia4Blue is an international economic matchmaking event organised by the Croatian Chamber of Economy – Rijeka County Chamber that brings together four helix stockholders with the aim of promoting and encouraging blue economy and sustainable development. 


The event highlights the potential of blue economy around the Adriatic and the Mediterranean Sea basin and its significant role for sustainable growth and job creation, whilst safeguarding its unique natural and cultural capital. 


The main goals of the event are the following:


  • Promotion of blue and green economy, sustainable fishery and aquaculture, shipbuilding and blue biotechnologies
  • Promotion of the development of innovations and new technologies related to the marine sector aimed at environment and sea protection
  • Contribution to the transformation of the economy and society towards a sustainable blue economy and sustainable development models
  • Promotion of Mediterranean quality of life, food from and around the sea, autochthonous oenological and gastro products and organic production using them as brands of the specific tourist region
  • Encouraging the integration, connecting and internationalization of local producers through the placement of their products in the hospitality sector's market
  • Contribution to the further visibility of the tourist and oenological-gastronomic offer and high positioning of the Mediterranean coastal region on the demanding gourmet scene of the world


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