The Acting President of ASCAME, Mr. Mohamed Choucair, appointed Minister of Telecommunications of the Government of Lebanon

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Barcelona, 1st February 2019. ASCAME welcomes the new Government of Lebanon, formed yesterday 31st January 2019, headed by Mr. Saad Hariri. The former President and current Acting President of ASCAME, Mr. Mohamed Choucair, was appointed Minister of Telecommunications. 

ASCAME, as representative of the Mediterranean private sector, is well aware of the important process of modernization and liberalization that Lebanon is pursuing, despite all difficulties, with great determination. Our Association follows with great interest the reforms that the government of Lebanon is planning to undertake and will always be a reliable partner in its efforts of modernization.

In addition, we want to stress the important role that Lebanon is playing in the process of bringing together the Mediterranean region, insisting on our willingness to continue developing and strengthening relations between the Mediterranean countries. 

For this reason, our institution is once again committed to support and accompany its members in the reforms undertaken with the aim of meeting the economic and social challenges of the Mediterranean region. 

ASCAME wishes the best to Mr. Choucair and the rest of the Lebanese government as well as to the Lebanese people in their efforts to achieve a Lebanon in peace, freedom and prosperity.

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