10th Mediterranean Economic City Forum (MedaCity)

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Date: 25 June

Place: Rijeka, Croatia 

Subject: Mediterranean cities


Description: The Croatian Chamber of Economy - Rijeka County Chamber will host the 10th Mediterranean Economic City Forum (MedaCity). This consolidated ASCAME event has been organised in many locations across the Mediterranean during its past nine editions and this year will be held in Rijeka, Croatia. 


The oldest cities in the world were born in the Mediterranean. The city has been one of the most relevant elements and a constant fact of Mediterranean history. The commercial activities have been developed throughout the seashores, while the maritime routes and the Mediterranean space were being built. 


Currently, cities are gaining more significance as half of the global population is living in urban districts. This figure will increase to 75% in 2025, meaning that the urban population is constantly developing. The world urban population has exceeded the symbolic threshold of 50% and in the next decade, there will be around 500 cities with more than one million inhabitants, including several “megacities” with a population over 20 million inhabitants. 


One of the key roles of the cities is to be driving forces of economic growth. As the main generator of employment and wealth, cities produce goods and provide services that strengthen the economic opportunities for the whole country. Nevertheless, cities are also facing many challenges nowadays and they will only be able to face them if they rely on business management tools. 


The Mediterranean Economic City Forum will address the main challenges that Mediterranean cities face: 


  • Environmental threats, sustainable development and renewable energies 
  • Demographic pressure and infrastructure
  • Coastal cities and blue economy 
  • Tourism (cruise tourism, sustainable tourism etc.) 
  • Housing, inequalities and technology



Check the draft programme of the event here.