About us

ASCAME is the most important representative of the Mediterranean private sector and of the general interest of the economy. ASCAME represents all North and South chambers and businesses regardless of their size and sector of activity.With over 250 members from 23 countries and 30 millions of companies and a critical role as the facilitator between business community in the Mediterranean bodies.
ASCAME is a well-consolidated entity that represents the interest of Mediterranean Chambers and the Private Sector, also being accredited as an economic partner of the EU and international organizations in carrying out economic cooperation projects.
Mohamed Choucair was born in Beirut in 1968 in a family engaged in manufacturing and trade. His father, Nizar Choucair had focused his activity at that time on the manufacturing and sale of high brand chocolate and related items ( such as silver plates and gift articles). The brand "Patchi" is nowadays internationally known and is developing business in 35 countries through 165 outlets.
ASCAME launches a number of initiatives every year, which encourage the economic institutional and commercial contacts throughout the Mediterranean region and other parts of the world. (Projects of economic regional cooperation, training programs, business forums, etc.).

The main mission of ASCAME is to create a network of Chambers of Commerce and organizations working in the field of cooperation and economic exchange between countries in the Mediterranean region especially through the following actions:

  • Promotion of and search for synergies between these countries economies
  • The creation of working ties between peer institutions aimed at encouraging international cooperation through joint performance of activities and/or studies
  • Assertion of the Mediterranean identity
  • Contribution to creating an area of peace, tolerance, security and prosperity
  • Adapting the internal organization to face the new scenario
  • Developing a visión and a strategic action to meet the new challenges that affect the economic development in the Mediterranean region
  • Developing cooperation activities with the main actors of the economic development in the Mediterranean, offering new tolos and projects that will enhance economic integration and the Euro-Mediterranean association

ASCAME plays a significant role in the field of international cooperation between Chambers of Commerce, a role that has been acknowledged by leading European and international institutions. It also occupies a privileged position in terms of representing the private sector in the region.